Popcorn Popper Gift Set | Vintage Whirley-Pop


Enjoy making delicious popcorn at home, with a fun, nostalgic stovetop popcorn popper!

The Whirly-Pop popper is a fun, easy to use hand-crank popper that makes great tasting popcorn. It also has a 25 year warranty!

Customize your gift set with your favorite oil and kernel choices!


Movie theater butter is a blend of coconut and canola oil, with a special buttery taste!
Coconut oil is the standard oil that movie theaters use. It's also healthier!

ABOUT THE KERNELS: Each of our kernels is a little different! To learn even more, visit our shop and check out the listings! In a nutshell, 

Standard Yellow is a large, yellow kernel.
Medium White, Baby White, and Ladyfinger are all hulless, and each vary in size!
Red is super crunchy.
Purple is higher in antioxidants.
And Blue is a little bit naturally sweet!