Popcorn Popper Gift Set | Microwave Popcorn Popper


Pop popcorn in the microwave like a pro, and make it a whole gift set with this popper gift set.

Bagged microwave popcorn has always been nice and easy, but not at all healthy! Now, enjoy microwave popcorn that's just as easy, but completely healthy! No preservatives or additives!

Customize your gift set with your favorite oil and kernel choices!

ABOUT THE OILS: Movie theater butter is a blend of coconut and canola oil, with a special buttery taste!
Coconut oil is the standard oil that movie theaters use. It's also healthier!

ABOUT THE KERNELS: Each of our kernels is a little different! To learn even more, visit our shop and check out the listings! In a nutshell,
Standard Yellow is a large, yellow kernel.
Medium White, Baby White, and Ladyfinger are all hulless, and each vary in size!
Red is super crunchy.
Purple is higher in antioxidants.
And Blue is a little bit naturally sweet!