About Us


One of the best things in life is a great family (and great caramel corn!). It’s out of this family of seven that POPPED! was created. After high school, the oldest son, Joshua, had a desire to learn about business. This prompted his father Andy to mentor him and together they created a place that allowed them to put into practice the principles he learned.

“We first invested time discussing and writing our core principles.” Said Andy about how the company got started. “It was important for us to know why and how we would operate as a company. We took time to visit many other businesses as far away as Chicago and Salt Lake City to understand what customers experienced and to learn from other business owners. We then began to create a system to provide the best of what we learned and observed, using our core principles and beliefs as a guide. We continue to read and grow as we seek to do our best for those we serve. We could have just as easily created a business that sold cupcakes, brooms or light bulbs because the principles of good business are the same for each. Our love for great popcorn was the winner and we hope as you allow us to serve you, that you will find fun, great service, delicious product and sincere gratefulness for our customers and friends. We are very serious about having fun in work and hope every visit brings out a smile. Above all and in everything we do, we desire to honor God and love people.”

Along with Joshua, two of his brothers, Jerod and Jacob work at the retail store in Newnan, Georgia. A younger brother, sister and mom all can be seen in the store, usually tasting and providing their own smiles and laughter.